Is Shea Butter Good For Baby Skin?

Hello Eya and my able Wives Connection, please I need help.
 I had no problem with my first baby's skin. 
My second is barely one month but developing rash already even with the 
good "Boots baby Lotion" I apply on his skin daily.
 Someone advised me to drop the lotion that baby oil is better for his tender skin but I am thinking that oil is for the hair.
 Please I need advice ooo.

My mum brought Palm kernel oil but
I can't always use it cos of its smell. I read sometime ago that Shea butter is very good for the skin. 

Can it be applied to a newborn baby's skin? Please I would like to know if anyone has tried it before. I hear it makes the skin turn darker but I don't mind if only my baby's skin will return to smooth and supple.

I need responses please cos the rash is making him uncomfortable and restless.
Thank you my able WC.


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