Lists of Arable Crops You Can Cultivate This Planting (Raining) Season

It’s here already, the planting season all of us have been waiting for, I know there are some certain  places whereby it is possible and easy to make ridges even without rain, like some of those swampy and loamy soil ground, but generally, we are supposed to wait for rain before we do the planting of seasonal crops, 


but now there rain has started in major parts of Nigeria, some parts are experiencing heavy rain while others are still having slight rain, it can’t be equal everywhere but it is raining; because we are in the season, with this understanding in place, I have decided today to handpick major agricultural crops that you can consider and cultivate this planting season and make money with it.

1. YAM : This is a good time to put your implement to work and cultivate yam, yam takes 8 to 10months, to reach maturity and be harvested for market and sales. 
Yam needs more water in the first 6months, for effective growth and nutrient, so it is wisdom to plant your yam at the early stage of the first rain I wouldn’t emphasize much on how to start yam farming, you can read more about that here. 

2. MAIZE :

 This is a good time to invest and start your own maize farm, maize is not available all throughout the year; especially in a country like Nigeria, there is so much profits to make in maize farming business, in the next 5months to come, you will see Nigeria eating all kinds of maize, both the yellow and white, cooked(boiled), smoked, dried, processed, confectioneries, stored and lots more. 

Rain is very if maize plantation must be successful, so you can start making your ridges and bed now for maize, if you are cultivating an acre of land or more than that, then I recommend you employ expertise and utilize tractor for your cultivation so as to make the job smooth, effective and easy; you can check out more on maize farming business here.

3. WATER MELON: This is another major crop that is highly profitable, you can start now, I understand water melon does not require much water but in a rainy season, the land becomes good at yielding fertility which enhances plant growth, so get down to market and make your plans to cultivate water melon this season, read more on how to get started with that here.
4. VEGETABLES: This is a good time to plant your vegetables, you can see in Nigeria, the major challenges with cultivating vegetable is water, and that is why we employ irrigation system but it is always stressful, but by the time you do more of your vegetable planting during raining season, to save stress and see your vegetable flourishing.
5. COWPEA : Cowpea needs good fertile land and water, that is why you should cultivate cowpea in raining season, 

These are the major arable and profitable crop that you can consider for cultivation in this raining season, I wish you the best farming year.

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