Naira Fall, Effect on Agriculture, Livestock Farming and Feed Purchase - A Farmer's Cry!

Has anybody noticed that the price of a Kg of Catfish has not change at farm gates?, you might also be wondering ²why there is no one taking the initiative to fight the Shylock's bulk fish buyers.
And even in these days when: the economy has taken a new turn; the dollar an Infinitely dominating our Naira; The fuel selling at N145 which drives up the price of every feeds materials; imported feed prices has increased dramatically, ³why complain and throwing the towel in(quitting) are our resolves?

In days to come this price is going to remain and ⁴what becomes the lot of a fish farmer?
Let me quickly answer few pending questions before I share my opinion on the reasons our price will not change.
¹ There is a saying if you want it fresh and cheap go to the farm. Farm gate is the only place where ridiculous prices is being offered most. From tomatoes to other vegetables, from cassavas to other tubers crops... This is not restricted to fish farmer. The questions is why are you trying to reduced your take in by selling at farm gates?
²Using the term Shylock makes me chuckle, are they really Shylocks? Was it not you who get this big idea of stocking 5000 Fingerlings, when all you could comfortably raised is 500? Then you run out of money and your fishes started reducing in weight. With no experience in sales and marketing, my bet is that our friend Mr. Shylock will have to save the day. Let praise these buyers.
³As Nigerians, complaining, witch hunting and quitting and change level/boat is nothing we haven't witnessed or partake in regularly. Failure in fish business is alarming, people not getting anything still decided to conformed and complains are many while some are rushing out as they came in. All just because pareto theory works here too.
⁴As for the lot, two things: he either fails or excel. I am very sure there are some people getting correct prices for their produce. They still get more than 100% return over their investment into aquaculture. And they are right there under our noses. You want to get their results you do what they do.
I believe you are satisfied with my answers but if you are not we can revisit them together. I will like to learn more from you.
To the main Question Now, I will list few here now, we can discuss them in detail after that.
¹ Competition from other produce.
²Little or no understanding of industry.
³ No Strong Farmer association to fixed prices.
⁴ Individualism
5 Funding
6 Lack of Value Chain
7. Lack of Passion for the business.
8. No sales budget
9. As in 8, no business plan
10. No Implementation of 9 and 8 whenever they existed.
Thanks. We shall explaining these points one after the other.
(Team HAWNEs)

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