Best Ways To Take Moringa Seed For Weight Lose and Other Health Benefits

Like me, you probably don't like the taste of the Moringa seeds. So you find it difficult to chew the seeds and swallow right?
 You are not alone! 
Many people DON'T LIKE THE TASTE  of Moringa seeds. But we really need to chew the seeds to derive their health benefits.
 I tried to figure out ways of eating the seeds easier and I will share with you here.



I discovered personally that eating moringa seeds with the apple fruit masks the taste of the seeds. That way, you are able to eat the seeds and swallow conveniently, same time enjoy both the apple fruit and the Moringa seeds. What is more? You enjoy the full health benefits of the moringa seeds.
Always remember to eat maximum of 2 moringa seeds at a time and 4 in a day. What about other fruits? You are probably wondering if you can eat with other fruits like bananas, soursop, etc? Absolutely! I only mentioned apple. Other fruits can as well serve the purpose.

How do you achieve this? Simply bite the apple or whatever fruit of your choice first. After munching a few times, pop the seeds in your mouth; chew together with the fruits still full in your mouth and swallow. Believe me, you will hardly notice that you ate the seeds. That is one of the easiest ways to eat moringa seeds to derive the full health benefits thereof. Won't you rather try it out and see the results? I am waiting to read your experience in the comments section. The second way is...


Another easy way to eat the moringa seeds is to add to your favourite fruits/vegetables juices and/or smoothies. If you prefer juicing your fruits or blending/pureeing as the case may be, that is still ok. Simply add the seeds to the fruits in the machine and blend/puree them together. This way, the fruits or vegetables would have helped you to completely 'swallow' the moringa taste, leaving its full benefits intact for you to enjoy. And remember, this is one of the healthiest ways to eat the seeds. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it please.


Hmmm! I have received countless calls from people who distaste the moringa seeds. They would ask: 'Can I swallow the moringa seeds?' Initially I was not sure if that was alright but after some research, I found out that swallowing the seeds could do similar work as chewing the seeds. Only that when you chew the seeds alone for instance, digestion starts from the mouth and some enzymes help so you start benefiting right from the bucal cavity before it gets to the stomach... But like I mentioned, swallowing the seeds is ok. Just like swallowing pills. So go ahead and swallow the moringa seeds with water just like you do with other medicines in tablet or capsule form.


Please do not take moringa seeds for too long! How long is too long? Two months at a stretch is too long! And chewing is better too. In fact, it is recommended that if chewing the seeds, you allow to stay in youth mouth for few minutes before swallowing them. This is just to emphasize since I have mentioned that earlier.

One woman called to tell me how that she lost appreciable weight and looked so young by just swallowing one moringa seed per day for a long period of time(over one year). Now when she called, she was complaining of itching. So watch it! Don't eat moringa seeds for too long stretch of time. In the case of this woman, she was carried away by the good and younger looks that moringa seeds helped her achieve. When people saw her and say "you are looking good", she would be so happy and continued swallowing the seeds for one whole year plus. Please don't do that. 

Ideally, after taking moringa seeds for one month at a stretch, STOP! Give yourself a break of at least one to two weeks before you resume. And if you are taking for a particular health challenge. Stop as soon as the particular health challenge has disappeared. Let me explain, if you are diabetic(type 2), and you took moringa seeds for a period of one year following the above guide and discovered your blood sugar level is ok, you may stop taking the moringa seeds. And maybe take once a long while like I normally do. 

Sometimes you may have a goal to lose 20 pounds of extra weight before your wedding date. Now you can eat the moringa seeds as recommended above and as soon as you have reached your goal of losing 20 pounds you stop. One reason we don't want people to keep taking moringa seeds for a long period is the effect it might have on their liver. Moringa seeds are very potent and too much of everything is bad. So maintain a healthy balance by following the recommendation. 

And for weight loss, the seeds work perfectly! There are countless number of people with wonderful testimonials to that effect. I remember a certain Professor in the University of Ibadan, who was taking the moringa seeds for another reason and suddenly discovered he had lost so much weight he needed to stop. 

For others, it does not work as fast. But there are ways to combine with other natural substances to enhance faster weight loss though. So if you really want to lose weight very fast and the seeds alone are not giving you the desired results on time, never mind. Simply contact us and we would be glad to serve you. We have a SPECIAL MORINGA WEIGHT LOSS THERAPY for you. Call/Whatsapp +2348065387819 or mail to with the subject: SPECIAL MORINGA WEIGHT LOSS THERAPY.

Have you got more easier ways you take the Moringa seeds? Kindly share in the comments section.
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