How to Handle High Cost of Food in Nigeria

All is not really going well for some people in Nigeria at this crucial time when the new government is trying to put things in place and its really affecting the economy and the people. 
People complain of not feeding well in almost part of the state base on the fact that the price of food items are on the high side in all the states in Nigeria.

Someone complained to me that in a state like Ekiti in Nigeria, that they beg for food because the state governments has refused to pay salaries and people are getting malnourished due to lack of food and some are even eating anything they see and its really telling on their health.

Lack of food may exposes the body to sickness, weakness, death and other serious illness but there are ways you can handle this situation, there are ways to cope with this kind of situation and as you read on with this post, we will be suggesting tips on how to handle this situation and feed well. Some which includes;
1.   Small Scale Farming: One of the ways to handle the high cost of food in Nigeria at this time is to start a small scale agriculture in your compound or locality. Farmers don't usually go hungry because they have enough food planted on their farms. A friend of mine owns a fish pond and each time i visit him, i eat good fish pepper soup with nice meal. Apart from eating some of your crops or animals, you also earn some money by selling the few harvested items to people around or in the market, this will make you have enough to buy any food items you want either expensive or not.
2. Find Alternative:  There is no alternative you can do when any member of your family or friends are hungry, the only thing you can do is to find alternative to buying expensive food items at this time in Nigeria. You can decide to buy fresh foods, go home and cook and not to spend money on fast foods, snacks. junks, barbecue, beer etc.
high cost of food
3. Generate Passive Income: One of the ways you can handle the high cost of food items right now in Nigeria is to find a way of generating passive income for yourself. Passive income are not income from salaries, wages but from small business you can do to earn daily money. It means you need to find ways of doing small business like selling or online business and buy any food items you like.
4. Savings: If you look at the present economic situation in Nigeria, you will notice that the federal government of Nigeria are really trying and they are implementing policies that will make things cheap at the long run and at this time, the people are really suffering for it. Imagine just pieces of tomatoes was sold at $2 which i believe is on the high side. To handle this, make saving a habit and avoid wasting too much money on irrelevant things. Keep your money and buy only important things you need and not necessities
5. Government Stores: The government has assured the people that price of food items will soon drop in the coming weeks. Temporarily, there are Government areas, stores that give out food items for free in the local govt. councils. You can go there and have some items for yourself.
6. Ask for food:  I know many people won't support asking for food at this time when food items are costly but if you go to places like Ekiti state in Nigeria where workers haven't collected any salaries for 6months, you will see someone who will beg you for food. If you are in this kind of situation where you have no money to buy any food, then ask from your neighbor, friends, families which i believe they will understand you just want to eat and feed your families.
I believe these are ways you can handle the present high cost of food in Nigeria. Without food the human health is in a very dangerous state but to stay healthy, eat fresh foods, save for hard times, beg for it and avoid wastage of food as at present because no body knows when the price will drop back to normal. Live healthily and thanks for reading.

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