PHOTOS: Dangote Launches "Dangote Rice" to market with a cheaper price attraction!

If there is anything, i love about Athe Africa Richest man "Aliko Dangote" his just his intellectual aproach to business and agricultureal industry which is the reason for his outstanding success so far in the industry.

He as been working on Rice farming and production of his own rice so far in Nigeria, but now they have succedded and they have tonnes of rice bag produced, more than enough to feed the whole nation, and what is the wisdom they employ this time around?


Even with good quality, they went ahead and make their own rice cheaper than the normal ones in the market, and remember that currently both rice and beans are expensive inNigeria right now;

so you and I know what thta means for this newly launchd rice.
Congrats to Dangote! Nigeria as a nation will ever be proud of this great man!
Efforts to diversify the economy has started yielding results, slowly but surely. With Anambra, Kebbi and other Rice factories coming on stream and now Dangote, things will improve. More photos...

Kindly share with your friends, its a goodnews in Nigeria.

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  1. I like to commend the great effort of the Man Aliko Dangote for his contribution to making Nigeria as a Nation be able to feed it self.

  2. I guess he just killed this one. It's more difficult to compete with this man. Can I get the contact of the owner of this blog site? That's a great contribution to agriculture.

    1. yeah sure, thAnk for ur kind words, you can reach me on both calls and whatsapp - 07066784204.


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